Rick Armand



Sherman Oaks, CA

Confidential Guidance

"Tuesday night with Rick was always the highlight of my week. His presence was incredibly healing. I was at my lowest point when we first met. It was after my third suicide attempt, when I was 16 years old, feeling completely lost and rudderless at sea. I didn't have any support, any friends, or family I could count on. He helped me through that time and I'm alive today because of him.

Nine years later, I still look to him for guidance, mentorship, and advice, because he is the most generous and compassionate man I have ever known. He inspires me to live an artful life regardless of the circumstances. I've never met anyone more capable of understanding, articulating, and getting to the core of problems. And I've known a lot of therapists. At the very least, his counseling is a good supplement to traditional therapy to increase progress. But for me, it was more effective than therapy ever could be. 

Whatever lies in your path, Rick can help you find the strength to see and face the difficulties without fear. It's as if there's a world out there that's frantic, stressful, crazy, full of worry and fear. Then there's the world Rick sees. He sees where you are, where you can be, and helps elevate you to become your better nature. You can't help feeling that and be changed by it when you're with him. No words can suffice to share the impact Rick has had on my life."  

-Kevin D. 


"I cannot sing Rick's praises high enough.  In fact, I've told him he doesn't charge enough for his services.  My daughter is turning 16 soon.  She first started seeing Rick for guitar lessons when she was 13 and mildly depressed. I would drop a scowling, unhappy teen at his house and pick up a smiling from ear to ear teen an hour later. Not only is he an amazing guitar teacher who lets the kids pick the music they want to learn to play, but part of the lesson is almost like much needed therapy that all of our kids could use a little of.  You can take your child to any guitar teacher and they will learn to play guitar, but if you want a guitar teacher who talks with them and learns what they're all about, sings their praises, and leaves them much happier than when they arrived, Rick is for you and your family.  Let's face it.  It's tough parenting teens and we can use all the help we can get!"

-April J


Certified Training


ADHD...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Adolescent Depression...    Penelope Katz, Ph.D.

Adolescent Nutrition in the Milieu...    Donna Ryan, R.D.

Affect Regulation...    Penelope Katz, Ph.D.

Anger Management/Positive Reinforcement...    Stacie Bulmash, M.A.

Anxiety Disorders...    Jason Bolton, Pys.D.

Autism Spectrum Disorders...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Axis I and II Diagnosis...    Steven Sager, M.D.

Behavioral Emergency Intervention Plan...    Jacque Bavaro, M.S.

Bipolar Disorder...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D

Borderline Disorder and Narcissism...    Barbara Sullivan, M.A.                    

Boundaries in Residential...   Jacque Bavaro, M.S.

Child Abuse Reporting...    Jason Bolton Psy.D.

Community Resources – Vocational...    Ray Jennings

Conduct Disorder Risk and Complications...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Confidentiality with SED Youth...    Karen Enyed

Cultural Diversity Training...    Carol Falender, Ph.D.

Cutting and Self -Harming Behavior...    Debby Webb, M.S.W.

Defensive Driver Education...    Robert Stahl

Depression In Adolescent Youth...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Dissociative Disorders...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D

Eating Disorders...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Emancipation of Residential Youth...    Barbara Sullivan, M.A.

Facilitating Group Therapy...    Barbara Sullivan, M.A.

Facility Manager Training...    Debbie Webb, M.S.W.

Gang Intervention...    L.A.C.O.E.

Early Brain Development...    I.D.H.P.

Mediation Facilitator Training...    L.A.C.O.E.

Medication Procedures...    B. J. Mora, M.D.

Milieu Strategies...    Gay Wayne

Obsessive–Compulsive Disorders...    Jen Savorian, Psy.D.

P.A.R.T.  Training Review...    Moe Shulman

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome...    Jason Bolton, Psy.D.

Professional Assault Response Training...    Arthea J Larson

Projections and Transference...    Penelope Katz, Ph.D.

Psychotropic Medications...    Gary Avnet

Psychotropic Medications...    Steven Sager, M.D.

Psychotropic Medications...    Tracie Harvey, M.D.

Safer Sex...    Deon Claiborn

Safety in the Milieu...    Debby Webb, M.S.W.

Side Effects of Psychotropic Medications...    Kate Mooney, R.N.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse...    Amanda Bender, MFCC

Spectrum Disorders...    Jen Savorian, Psy.D.

Suicidality in SED Youth...    Jesse Cooke, MS/MSW

Therapeutic Activity Planning...    Debby Webb, M.S.W.

Understanding Family Dynamics...    Paula Bruce, Ph.D

Universal Precautions and Infection Control...    Kate Mooney, R.N.

Using Positive Reinforcement...    Stacie Bulmash, M.A.

Van Nuys Psychiatric Hospital Program...    Eva Ackerman

Working With Sexual Perpetrators...    Jacque Bavaro, M.A.



60 Minutes...    $40.00

90 Minutes...    $50.00