Sherman Oaks, CA


"Rick is an incredibly talented teacher and musician but it’s his big heart and unwavering encouragement that sets him apart from the rest! From lesson number one he had me improvising, taking chances, and stretching out of my comfort zone. My guitar playing and musicality has grown exponentially because of his guidance and the safe environment that he creates at each lesson. If you are a beginning guitar player or advanced you will take your playing to a whole other level once you start working with Rick. I am so happy to have found him and I could not recommend Rick more highly!”  

-Patricia M. MaertenOwner/Songwriter/Producer of Ladybug Music CD Collections & Program WINNER of 2012 Red Tricycle’s ”Most Awesome Kids Music Class in Los Angeles ”WINNER of Nickelodeon’s Parent’s pick for “Best Music class in Los Angeles!


“I have been learning to play guitar from Rick for over a year and taking a lesson from him every Wednesday is one of the highlights of my week. Not only because he is an amazing teacher, but because he is an amazing person. You feel the warm, positive energy he exudes the moment you walk in the door. Rick is a kind and generous person who has an ability to lift people up through his words, actions and most of all through music. Aside from his patience and ability to explain clearly, Rick’s greatest asset as a teacher is that he takes the time to understand each individual so he can teach them in a way that fits his or her style. He doesn’t just teach technique, he teaches feel for the instrument. I can’t imagine having a better teacher and I’m sure that I would not have progressed nearly as fast as I have had I not been working with him. Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Rick’s musicality and his guitar playing. Rick is a genius with a guitar in his hands, his virtuosity is a sight to behold, and a thrill to listen to.”  

-David F


“I have been studying with Rick for a few years now. The man’s singular ability to combine his stunning mastery of the guitar with an instinct for what works, make his teaching style a true experience not to be missed. Not all of us are going to be professionals… but aren’t we all looking to free the musician within? This is what Rick is about.”  

-Amayumi Kusunoki…  Qi Gong Instructor









60 Minutes…   $40.00

90 Minutes…   $55.00